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Hi, I'm Gary Shoats. Welcome to my profile!

Gary Shoats's Bio:

Gary Shoats has a real love for reading good books ranging from motivational, fiction, non-fiction, literature and lots more. He has been passionately following his hobby of reading from a young age. With passage of time, he has broadened his horizons and has a personal library of books on varied and interesting subjects. He has read many books covering distinct areas and interests. He says that each book bring him an insight about working of human mind and behavior. For him, books are a vital part of his life which he just cannot ignore.


Gary Shoats says that books help him to relax and go far beyond routine works and tensions. Reading has made him a better human being who is ready to face difficult challenges and successfully overcome them. He also encourages youngsters to develop the habit of reading good books at an early age. He says that books help to lift up the spirits of readers and make a grand positive impact on their outlook towards life. Some of the motivational books that he suggests worth reading include The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, The Greatest Salesman in the World by OG Mandino, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and the list goes on. His collection also includes autobiographies of great personalities. He says that autobiographies work as an inspiration tool where one learns from others' experiences.


Gary Shoats is passionate about reading books and enjoys spending hours exploring good books. He has been reading over 150 books per year on an average for the last many years. He is a firm believer that being optimistic makes you healthier and happier and thus more likely to succeed. He says that reading has allowed him to see the wider perspective of the situation and thus, he is able to better manage his personal and professional life.

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